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Vacuum Sealer Machine

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【Easy To Clean & Use】WETIE vacuum sealer using PMMA acrylic touch panel, it is not easy to get dirty, and it can be cleaned quickly by wiping lightly. One key to lock the freshness, the whole process from pumping to sealing, without manual intervention, which can be easily operated by new users, elderly people, and children.

【5 in 1 Mode】Dry/Moist/VACUUM/SEAL/VAC SEAL. Put your bag in the machine, choose the dry or moist mode, and then choose vacuum or seal or vacuum seal mode according to your needs, and it will start to work automatically. In the vacuum mode, you can control the vacuum time to fit whatever you seal. Provide the best preservation method according to your different food types.

【80Kpa Strong Suction】The vacuum sealing machine uses the cyclone type 80KPA strong suction, which can quickly draw out the air, and the vacuum effect is better. Easily seal the food, keep it to stay fresh.

【Good Sealing】WETIE vacuum sealer uses 5mm double sealing design, better anti-leakage effect; 30cm long sealing line, can seal multiple small tea bags, snack bags, etc. at the same time; 10S fast sealing.

【Perfect Detail Design】4 anti-slip pads, which are more stable in use; The bottom heat dissipation design helps the vacuum sealer to quickly dissipate heat; The double snap design makes the vacuum sealer more airtight.


1. Product Name: Vacuum Sealer

2. Vacuum Rate: 6L/min

3. Vacuum Pressure: -80KPa

4. Quick Sealing Time: 10s

5. Sealing Wire Width(mm): 1.5mm*2 Max Bag Width(mm): 300mm_x000b_

6. Dual mode of dry/moist: optimize the seal according to food type.

7. Operation Mode: manual controlling vacuum function

8. NTC protection to prevent from overheating

9. Plastic housing

10. Rated Voltage/Frequency/Watt: ETL Spec: AC 120V 60Hz 125W Output: DC 12V 125W (CE, CB&UL)


1. It is recommended that you freeze vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator for a while to reduce biological activity, then vacuum seal them, and then put them in the refrigerator. It can avoid generating gas due to biological activity and destroying the vacuum state.

2. Use a special vacuum packaging bag, which can be sealed and vacuumed. Use ordinary bags to seal only.

What's in the box:

1 * WETIE Vacuum Sealer

1 * Power Cable

10 * Vacuum seal Bags 

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